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A walk down the streets of Bellevue is a lesson in contradictions, a mecca of things that normally donʼt go together: the best in urban sophistication with enough green space to satisfy country folk, high-rise buildings bordered by lake-side villas, and the best of American business ingenuity paired with international talent.

It is these contradictions that continue to make Bellevue a community like no other, where a variety of appealing lifestyles choices are all within reach and less half an hour away. Where else can you go for a morning hike and then enjoy a gourmet steak lunch prepared at a world-class restaurant? Or take your business meeting outside into one of over 74 local parks?

The possibilities are dazzling, along with the variety of neighborhoods made for living and exploring. In a way, Bellevue is a lot like New York City, where business districts are interspersed with more quirky neighborhoods than you could easily explore in a day or a weekend.

Picture the city like a spoke, with the sophisticated downtown at its core. This is the hub of business in the city, where more than 150 companies have their headquarters and 900 businesses regularly engage in international trade. Itʼs a smorgasbord of diversity and talent, with more than 130 languages spoken from all around the world. Indeed, during the day the city swells with workers from all over the region, drawn to companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and Expedia. Itʼs one of the liveliest places in the state, a unique spot where jobs are actually forecast to grow and commuters enjoy a shorter-than-average drive to work.

But the downtown doesn’t cater only to business and commerce. It is also becoming increasingly residential, mirroring the growth of high-rise condos and apartment complexes in the area. The demand has come from people wanting to be close to not only their jobs, but to the regionʼs best shopping, dining, and attractions.

Looking at our spoke once again, the vibrant downtown is surrounded by over 13 unique neighborhoods, each with their own personalities. Some of these communities draw from the very international flavor of the cityʼs commerce, while others were built in appreciation of natural wonders like Lake Washington or Cougar Mountain. There is something for everyone; it is an explorerʼs paradise.

For those looking to explore more of the surrounding area than just the local neighborhoods, Bellevue is centrally located within the region. The international destination of Vancouver, Canada, the prairies of Eastern Washington, and the gorges of the Washington/Oregon divide are all within a short drive.

Many people have chosen to move to Bellevue because of its centrality and convenience. But the current 122,000 residents know that Bellevueʼs unique appeal goes beyond just serving as a gateway to other places. It is in being the kind of place where people love to be, where you never have to choose between the big city and a close-knit community, and where itʼs just as possible to start a company as it is to start a family. And that has made all the difference.


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Great Restaurants

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